Our Mission

The wine industry is at a crossroads and only those who adapt and chance will be able to grow their business. By 2022 Baby Boomers will no longer be the largest wine buying cohort. Gen X will take the reins and by 2027 Millennials will be the biggest buyers.

Back in the heyday of wine country, a new winery could open a tasting room and the wine would sell itself. Today, there are just shy of 10,000 wineries in the United States and that strategy no longer works.

At Highway 29 Creative, we guide our clients as they enter the digital landscape and employ a multi-channel sales and marketing strategy. To compete, wineries are going to have to acquire customers in younger generations and the best place to do that is online.

For too long, robust technology and modern digital selling was reserved for Silicon Valley start-ups. Highway 29 Creative is on a mission to democratize digital marketing and help the industry navigate the changing world.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"Your winery needs to find new growth and new consumers, and they aren’t going to come from the present tasting room approach"

— Rob McMillan, Founder Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division, State of the Wine Industry Report 2019


Our Origins

Highway 29 Creative was founded by Simon Solis-Cohen after years of success working in-house for family owned wineries in Napa Valley managing wine clubs, DTC sales, and marketing.

Simon felt that the wine industry was largely falling behind other DTC industries and that most brands didn’t have the tools they needed to effectively engage in digital marketing.

Today, our team of talented developers, designers, artists, and marketers work with wineries of all sizes around the country to create bespoke programs to jolt DTC wine sales.