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Industry wisdom and experts suggest you redesign your website every three years. Trends and design aesthetic change every year and the technological goal posts are always moving. As a business owner or manager, you need to make sure your company is proactively staying ahead of the curve and Highway 29 Creative is here to help!

The first step in our design process is to learn more about your business and the goals for your new website. Our mission is to deliver exactly what you want, so please take your time researching and thoroughly answering the questions below.


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We understand you may have no idea what a new website costs and that's why you are here! With a new website you get what you pay for! Pricing depends on how many pages, custom features, integrations, and revisions you will need. Think about your website as an investment in your company. It is the hardest working employee you have as it performs your sales, marketing, reservations, public relations, customer acquisition and builds your brand awareness. This is where you need to be realistic about your business and decide if you would hire someone at minimum wage for this job or pay a competitive salary to attract the best talent. It's your decision and we can work with budgets of all sizes.
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