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Paid Digital Ads

Digital advertising is one of the most underpriced and easiest ways to retain or aquire new customer.

Ever visit a website to buy something, decided to pass at the last minute, and then see that product virtually follow you across the internet? Thats a form of bottom of the funnel marketing called retargeting.

Do you have a large mailing list and want to find more customers just like them? It’s never been easier thanks to Facebook ads that allow you to create lookalike audiences and market directly to them.

Hosting a vintners dinner in a new town and want to get the word out? Easily run ads targeted at wine aficionados within 20 miles of the event.

These are just some of the amazing examples of paid digital ads and only a handful on wineries are deploying these methods. Become a trailer-blazer and be ahead of the curve before every other winery jumps in.