All wineries have the same two goals: sell more wine and get more visitors in their tasting room. The problem is, most are attacking these goals with the same old methods, like rack cards, industry parties, and labor intensive in-market travel. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opens a new digital frontier and enables you to find new customers that are already searching for a brand like yours. 

We start all clients off with our Starter SEO Package

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Each winery has distinguishing characteristics and strengths, and every website is built differently and needs to be updated accordingly. 

We will begin with a consultation. We want to get to know your brand, goals, and unique qualities. Maybe you specialize in lesser known varietals or you practice organic farming. These are distinguishing characteristics we need to know that help us tailor your site accordingly.  From there we will provide:


We connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console to your website so we can analyze who your customer is, how they are finding you, and identify opportunities to increase your reach.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to know which Google search terms will drive traffic to your website? We take this deep dive and provide lists of new keywords that will increase your online traffic.


Consider it a “check-up” for your website. We run tests, take vitals, research, and provide a full health report. This helps you decide where to focus your investments and time moving forward.


Is there a fellow winery that you admire and aspire to attract clientele from? Discover your competitor’s keywords so that you can use them to attract the same clientele.


Next Step:On-Site Optimization

Completing the Starter Package will help us tailor next steps for you. Depending on your needs, we can offer a combination of any of the following services to help boost your website’s performance.


People are increasingly using smartphones to research tasting rooms and purchase wine online. Keep your site mobile-friendly and ensure that your content is optimized for mobile.


Your site’s referring links are a very important factor in your search ranking. After a thorough examination of your website’s backlinks, we will leverage positive links and eliminate toxic ones.


With strong, highly relevant content your website will climb the search results page. It is important to build your website with well-written, well-structured and “fresh” content.


Local search results give your winery the ability to reach out to and engage with nearby customers. Fully utilize and control the appearance and functionality of your local search listing.


By conducting a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Analysis for specific and relevant winery keywords, we can improve your position as it relates to your competitors.


Quality links from reputable websites will improve your winery’s SEO and SERP. These backlinks signal trustworthiness, importance, and authority to search engines, which in turn improve your rankings.


Ready to dive into SEO and drive more website traffic?

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